Tips that actually reduce pores on your skin

I am someone who has always struggled with acne and when I did get rid of it I started developing tones of comedones.
And that is when I decided to look deeper into this matter and discovered the root
The cause which is clogged pores.
So I dived into the interwebs to find the answer to “how to tighten pores?”

And here is how you can do it.

In this post, you will learn about

  • how to minimize pores on the face
  • Clinical pores treatment
  • How to minimize pores naturally

Before we jump onto ways to reduce pores, let me answer some common questions and misconceptions.


Sun and the pores| The impact of sun on your pores
Pores are basically openings on your skin through which the water evaporates and keeps your body cool, but when you expose yourself to the sun you also sweat a lot inducing excessive sebum production, and that in turn clogs the pores.

The sun has a damaging effect on your skin’s collagen which is responsible for keeping the skin firm and tight. With less collagen, your skin starts to sag and expands the pores.
Therefore sunscreens are a must!

If you are wondering “which SPF should I use” ? or best sunscreen for your skin type
I created the perfect guide for you.

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So you really are making a big mistake, if you skip sunscreen.

Acne and the pores| does clogged pores cause acne?

In very simple language clogged pores are what causes acne since pores lie exactly where the oil gland and hair follicles exit the skin, it is the inflamed pores that cause acne, and the swelling of oil gland around the clogged pores lead to a cyst.
It is advised to not pop pimples as if you so do incorrectly it may further enlarge the pores.

Cleansers and clogged pores| do cleansers reduce clogged pores?

And the correct answer is yes!
Your pores can easily get stretched out when they are clogged with dirt, oil, and debris.
Therefore you need to cleanse daily and that too with the right type of cleanser- make sure you read the article till the end to find out the correct cleanser.


Residual debris in your pores can enlarge them, the best option would be to exfoliate since our main purpose is to get rid of the dead skin cells.
You can use physical or chemical exfoliators but I would suggest chemical exfoliators with AHA (alpha-hydroxy acids).
Studies show that AHA boosts collagen production and improves the skin elasticity keeping it firm.

2. Chemical peels
Ask your dermatologist to suggest a suitable chemical peel for your skin, based on how large and deep your pores are.
Usually, hydraulic acid peels and glycolic acid peels are suggested for people with larger pores. Chemical peels are great to speed up the process of exfoliation and bring back elasticity into the skin.

3. Cleanse! cleanse! cleanse!
If your pores are clean they are harder to spot, you can cleanse once or twice a day, but never skip cleanser at night, as it is important to remove the buildup of makeup, dirt, and oil from the whole day.
I highly recommend using oil cleansers, I myself have been using one for a while, and have noticed that they work the best because facial oil dissolves better in oil than water (just like chemistry says, like dissolves like).
You can also opt for cleansers with salicylic acid since it is a beta hydroxy acid that has increased solubility in oil and travels deep into the pores.

This method consists of the application of trichloroacetic acid with toothpicks on the open pores so that they form a scab on each of
the treated pores which fall out in 7-10 days.I would suggest consulting a professional for complex treatments like this.
Do not put your skin at risk by doing this at home.

Retinol is a vitamin A derivative, which works wonders in dealing with wrinkles, prevents breakouts, and also keeps your pores healthy.
Just like any pore reducing product, they clean out the gunk from your pore and reduce its appearance.
But if you are someone with younger skin, aka teenage or early twenties, I would suggest skipping this step as you do not want to pile
anti-aging products on your skin when your skin does not need them at this particular moment. The above-mentioned methods are some of the best ways to reduce pores but I am also going to mention some more sneaky tips, which can
act as a helping hand in speeding up the process and the best part is… you can do this at home!


I mean you shouldn’t be surprised if I mention the importance of water in like every article, but tbh it really is that essential.
And dehydrated skin can easily lead to enlarged pores, so make sure you are drinking enough vodka. Oops water(hehe heh)

7. Aloe vera
This is probably the favorite child of natural skincare, I mean what doesn’t it cure???Probably heartache.
You can include aloe vera in your facemasks, it works by removing the dirt out of your pores and hence reducing its size.

8. Do not wear heavy makeup.
Keep your makeup routine simple and light, because heavy products seep into your pores and clog them, also make sure that you are
cleaning your makeup brushes regularly and taking off your makeup before you sleep.

9. Clean your linens regularly.
Your skin secretes sebum at night and that along with your skincare products it rubs off onto your pillowcases, so when you sleep on
it dreaming about your crush not only will your crush never like you back, but all the dirt will seep back into your skin and clog pores.

10. Wear a clay mask
Clay marks work by tightening your skin and also reduced inflammation.
These masks also dry up sebum from the pores and, hence prevent clogged pores and its appearance.

11. Substitute your drugstore toner with a natural toner
Toners are great for cleansing, maintaining an even skin tone and ph balance skin acts as a moisturizer, and minimize pores too.
While shelves are filled with great drugstore and high-end products.
Did you know that you can easily replace your regular toner by natural toners?
Some very good candidates are:
  • Rosewater
  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Cucumbers
  • Ginger toners

12. Gram flour
If you grew up in an Indian household this is the one ingredient that your mother swore upon.
Gram flour is a wonderful cleansing agent that leaves the skin soft, glowing, reduces tan, and also decreases pore size.

Who thought something so small could be the root of so many skin problems?
So if you are someone who is really bothered by his /her pores you can choose to undergo cosmetic procedures that reduce pores.
Have a talk with your dermatologist because these procedures are relatively small and give great results some of them would be
You can go ahead and click to the following link to know more ways to reduce pores. Even with all those tips, you must remember that your pore size is purely dependent on genetics, and some of us are blessed with the worse genes ever.But with consistent effort, you can decrease the appearance of pores.
No matter what the problem there is always a solution so hold on and remember-
Imperfections are attractive when the owners are proud of them.