How to implement the 8 step Korean skincare routine (each step explained)

While, we were trying to find the right toner, cleanser the Korean version of Sephora, -Soko glam came out with their ten-step skincare routine to achieve “the glassy skin look”. While smearing snail slime and venom facials are still considered absurd by many introduction Korean skincare products and rituals has been a learning experience for many skincare enthusiasts like me

The Korean skincare products have been soo foundational that they are now readily sold online and in stores.

While some critics have called this routine, exhausting and time-consuming. I would say, skincare is also a kind self-care, this routine can be treated as a psychological coping mechanism, amidst the chaos of daily life. So taking the time out, to take care of your self will not only benefit your skin but also your mental health.

Here is how you can follow 8 steps Korean skincare routine to get the skin of your dreams.

Korean skincare step 1.

Oil cleanser:
I know most of us never even picked up our chemistry textbooks, but a basic law of chemistry is that “like dissolves like”.
So the best way to eliminate sebum or oil is by using another solvent similar in composition, Aka oils based cleansers or oils themselves can be very effective in cleaning dirt and bacteria out of your pores gently.

Korean skincare step 2.

Foam /cream cleansers:
The kind of cleanser you use, will depend largely on your skin type, oil cleansers mostly suit all skin types but foam cleansers are targetted mainly towards people with oily skin, The formula of these kinds of cleaners are is made so that it can remove, residues of make dirt and even hard to wash sunscreen off your face.
But since it is a little harsh, people with dry skin may notice than after using foam cleansers, their face feels drier.

Cream-based cleansers are formulated with mineral oils, petrolatum, and beeswax hence they are suitable to remove dirt from the dry skinned beauties.

Korean skincare step 3.

The benefit of toner on your face is many, some of them could be, even skin tone, ph balance, hydrating skin, reducing blackheads and acne and reducing the appearance of pores,
You do not need to break your bank on expensive toners, you can opt for homemade toners for normal skin, like aloe vera or apple cider vinegar.

Korean skincare step 4.

Essence can be easily be incorporated into your skincare regime. They are similar to serums but have lower molecular weight than creams, therefore, making them more effective in penetrating the skin layers, They are beneficial in creating a foundation for the skin to absorb the successive products, Think of it as a primer in the skincare world. They are highly concentrated and aid in rehydrating and rebalancing the skin.

Do not apply an essence with cotton pads, rather just take a few drops and massage it onto your skin.

Korean skincare step 5.

The inclusion of emulsion as a step in skincare adds an extra layer of hydration to your skin, now you must be wondering “what does this have to do with oily skin” You must understand that every skin type needs hydration, some more some less. think of an emulsion as lighter weight than your average creams, and less concentrated than serums, so basically it is like the cool mom of the Korean skincare routine It is light and lets your skin breathe yet it is highly impactful.

Korean skincare step 6.

Now you can choose either of the above as they practice do the same job, but ampoules have a higher concentration of one ingredient eg vitamin c, whereas serum has many active components,
Ampules are great if you want to target one specific skin concern like dry skin or dark circles. A serum is an intermediate step between cleansing and moisturizing and acts as a sheer cover on your skin.

Korean skincare step 7

Sheet mask:
sheets masks are the best ways to pamper and relax our skin, I especially like to do a facemask mostly before big events or after stressful exams. Since they are usually drenched in some sort of serum or liquid Make sure that you massage it into your skin to get the blood flowing as well as let the product seep deep into your skin.

Korean skincare step 8.

We are finally at the last step, now I hope that this step is already incorporated into your skincare routine, if not make sure that you takeout the time to find the right product that compliments the skin.

Aahhhh, such a journey that was I must say, but we have covered the 8 steps Korean skincare routine. It might appear tedious but remember that it is also flexible at the same time.
Take your sweet time as you do this routine, and remember Imperfections are attractive if the owners are proud of them.