Here is how you can calm your racing mind to get a good night’s sleep

Here is how you can calm your racing mind to get a good night’s sleep.
We have all been through that stage where your brain just cannot turn off when you go to sleep. Some people categorize it as insomnia, others as anxiety. And while there are many scientific and grave reasons for the same, sometimes it is merely dependent on certain situations in our life which affects our peace of mind.
As someone whose brain legit never stops thinking and working this is something I have already tried and tested. While I will not say that one trick will work for all, you definitely have to try a few of the tips given below to identify what works the best for you.
Also, I will do my best to introduce some techniques that are not mainstream like “TuRn OFf YoUr PhOnE”. I mean I don’t think I can sleep without my daily dose of memes.

1. Unfollow toxic people.

When you follow people that do not make you feel good about yourself, maybe an influencer or your own classmates, and while you use social media the whole day your brain does not process the negativity because you are occupied with other work but as soon as your brain gets a window (which is mostly at night) you find yourself processing every little destructive thought piled up throughout the day.

2. Analyze your trigger factors

You must have heard a quote that says “there is no smoke without a fire” therefore there is no thought without a certain action. A trigger factor could be something as simple as going through global news (aka the action) which develops this sense of anxiety and uncertainty(the thought). You can identify your triggering factors by simply eliminating one habit a day and checking your response to it.
A very good example would be on Monday try not going through your email before you sleep And on Tuesday restrict yourself from watching tv before you sleep.

3. Introduce positive triggers.

What are the things that bring you the most happiness?
Is it watching your favorite tv series or is it talking to your friends?
The best way to do it is to just think and that is it.
What is your favorite activity of the day? Is it listening to drake? or is it just taking a walk?
Personally, for me I am the happiest when I am on my bed just watching youtube videos. And hence that is what I do right before I go to sleep because it relaxes me and stops my chain of thoughts.

4. Be your own therapist.

I definitely acknowledge the fact that sometimes life gives you a major setback and one tends to become obsessive about the grief and hence the dark thoughts before you sleep at night. But how do you become your own therapist?
Poems and quotes.
Whenever I am going through a certain phase in my life, I like to make a folder out of all my poems and quotes that I resonate with. It could be poems that describe what I cannot share or quotes that ignite hope in me and I read it every night before I go to sleep. It acts as a daily reminder and gives me the assurance that things will be alright.

5. Eliminate guilt

Let me ask you, what is the most prominent thought that keeps you up at night?
One thing that I often notice is that your chain of thoughts mostly comes from within you and rarely on the people around you.
If you seem to be missing a specific person, the subconscious thought behind the same revolves around the guilt that you could not make them stay.
If you stay up angry at your colleague who got the promotion, the thought that is bothering you is not envy but the guilt of not being good enough for the post.
Therefore eliminate guilt, now this entirely depends upon the kind of situation that you are dealing with but recognize your emotion and ration with it.

6. Journal it out

I completely understand the fact that not everyone is willing to hear about your issues each night, but you know what will always have your back ? a simple notebook
I have not met anyone who did not benefit from journaling and the main reason why most people are not interested in doing the same is because it feels like a daunting task. But who said that you have to fill up pages,puking out your emotions each night? I am the leader of the couch potato clan and I know how to make it easy.
You do not even have to write full sentences, sometimes I have written just letters and that has cleared my mind too. You can literally just scribble or draw random shapes if it helps you as much as writing a whole paragraph
Remember that you do not need to make your journal perfect; it is your own personal record of emotions.

7. Make a to-do list

Each night before you sleep make a note of all the things that you need to do tomorrow.
This not only keeps you organized but calms you down when you feel overwhelmed with work

8. Eliminate your illusion of control.

Remember that the only thing you can control is your response.
Even when you have assigned a project the only thing that you can control is how well you do the task, not how well appreciated it is. So stop trying to control every aspect of your life and start enjoying the journey itself

9. Create a routine out of all the habits

Compile all the habits that have a positive impact on you and make a routine out of it.
Personally, having a set routine trains my brain to shift from work mode to rest mode and I have an easier time falling asleep. Since lately I have been working from home I also like to set a deadline to my work day and start winding down . Not going to lie , I look forward to my night routines a lot.

10. Another tip would be to make sure that your surroundings are right.

Ensure that you have good curtains, dim lights,and soundproof walls and doors. Some Other personalized preferences would be habits like reading a book or meditating or even having a hot beverage

Some issues root deeper than something a blog post can solve, it could be a trauma or even an anxiety disorder, while I can give you numerous tips on how to handle your thoughts but there is no harm in consulting a professional when it comes to handling issues which are more severe Remember that there is no shame in asking for help