The society brings the ugly duckling out in us

We grew up reading fairytales and we still cradle our childhood memories close to our heart, we still remember lessons our illustrated books taught us, even if they are tucked away in the corner of your house. But if you sit and wonder, you will wrap your brain around the fact how each day we recreate fables in our daily life, and if you just look around you will see the perfect adaptation of “ugly duckling”.While we wanted to have a perfect life with rainbows and smiles we find ourselves turning into an ugly duckling and I do not talk about the curvaceous bodies or the lack thereof. The toxic environment that we find ourselves in, brings out the ugly duckling in us. While we may be wrapped in gold, with platinum ornaments, we still go to sleep with fear in our hearts and the constant need for superiority. While our ancestors called a duckling ugly, on superficial features, I would say the society that we live in gives us numerous ways to paint us a happy face, but deep inside we rot. Amongst the crevices of our heart, we succumb to hatred and that is what ignites the ugly duckling in us.

The “modern” society as we know is plagued with sexism, hypocrisy, stereotypes and religion. We are divided on the basis of our caste, creed, gender and religion which has more than once has colluded with the code of humanity. The norms have created wedges between sections of society. We don’t come out of the womb with a memorandum, still, we let the people around us dictate how we should live our lives. spiritual leaders ask us to seek the path of peace and serenity but we go on about wars in the name of those who enlighten us. Religion was meant to help us, give us something to believe in, something to follow and learn from but we have only used it to create disputes amongst ourselves. God never intended us to fight for him but the society doesn’t preach that. It fills our hearts with hatred for those not like us. The hypocrite society covers the truth with their lies which are easy to believe and makes a person weak from the inside. We say that we have progressed a lot still people blindly ignore the rules of a humanitarian society and uncover the lies and hypocrisy and leaves the society naked with nothing but the truth. They say that all men and women are the same but end up practicing every human right violation under the sun.

Sexist attitudes have been linked to a number of adverse effects. These include discrimination against women, gender rigidity, hostility, and anger toward women, the greater self-reported likelihood of using violence in relationships with women, acceptance of rape myths, and the commission of real-life sexual aggression, including rape. The situation for women is far worse compared to men with the ongoing crisis we have yet to reach the root for eradicating the problems that are leading to this. The media systematically promulgates gender differences and even sometimes contributes to the objectification of women and sexism, further worsening the case even more. Although people think that the solution to this problem is blatantly going after even those who have are in no way contributing towards the problem and pulls the wedge even wider.

The one thing common in all this is the involvement of the society and the norms that they dedicate ,we might have progressed as civilization but we are still stuck in the medieval mindset in terms of social life and thinking. We are still suffering from problems like sexism, discrimination, and stereotypes which none of us are born with but it is induced by the hypocrite environment that we live in. And this toxic mentality awakens the ugly duckling in all of us.