Last week I wrote a blog post sharing tips that make me 10x more productive.
how to be productive
And not gonna lie, I still had a lot of information that you guys can benefit from, so I decided to write part two of the same series talking about my 7 best productivity apps.
And the reason why I can confidently use the word BEST is that I personally have it on my phone and use it on a daily basis.
A lot of people tend to associate the term productivity with habits and time-management.
While it very well includes that, it is a term with a short definition but a lengthier process when it comes to its application aka actually building a productive lifestyle.

And this can be broadly done in three steps.
1. Building productive habits
2. Tracing and *actually* following them
3. Mindset shifts to live a productive life

While I have already talked about point one in my last blog post (under the same series) where I share my tips and techniques to be more productive.

Part two of this series will tackle the implementation part of the process.

And secret (I have part three coming out next week).

So here we go, The 7 best productivity apps

Pro tip: something I recommend doing is downloading one app a day because the apps mentioned below are pretty thorough when it comes to input from the user (which makes it awesome).
Therefore you should also take your sweet time thinking and putting effort while giving the input in order to get the maximum benefits.

These apps are of no use if they are not used properly and regularly, so take your time setting it up.
(trust me I did the same and in the end, the following apps made me so much more efficient)


Mostly used for making to-do lists.
If you are someone who loves organization and depends on to-do lists but doing it on a paper just doesn’t hit the spot then this productivity app is just for you.
Using this app you can stay organized on your laptop, tablets, and phones.
Some very cool features include :
  • Regular deadline and task reminders.
  • You can also assign tasks to others, keep a track of the progress, and collaborate on projects.
  • You can also link your Google calendar, Gmail, Slack, Alexa (and many more)
Also even when we do make an actual TO-DO list we forget to review the task but the “reminder” feature is extremely helpful.
I tend to directly go to todoist on my chrome and use this on my laptop because I spend most of my time on it anyways.
You will not believe how many times I have turned in assignments on time just because of this specific app.


Now let me guess, you are probably reading this article on your phone or desktop, looking for motivation to get things done.
So what if you leave your phone, get up from your bed and just do what you have to do.
(nice idea! But within 10 mins you will climb back into your comforter and scroll through Instagram)
And this app will prevent exactly that!!

Forest encourages you to stay away from your phone in a very creative and unique manner.
When you want to concentrate on a task, set a time on the app, and whenever you do so a seed is automatically planted into your forest.
As the time passes by the seed grows into a tree but if you fail to keep your hands off your phone your tree withers and hence you have to restart.

This app gives a sense of achievement and responsibility to the art of focusing and motivates you to achieve your daily goals.


As a child, I used to spend hours making timetables including my small tea parties and middle school homework.
But now that I have actually stressful work to do I tend to not sleep for days at a stretch just to get the work done.
But sectograph has made time management 10 times easier. It displays your tasks in a 12-hour circular clock dial.
Since your tasks are on display it makes it easy to manage your day as you have a visual sense of time.

You can organize almost anything from your class schedules to meals and even workouts.


One of the most basic principles of success is writing down your goals and tracking your progress and so many of us fail because although we dream big our actions do not align.
We write it on a piece of paper and even share it with our friends but just go back to waste our time in pointless gossip, destructive habits, and procrastination.
But this app lets you write down your goals and track your progress on a daily basis, building consistency.
This app is user friendly and has a beautiful dashboard for habits and goals for self-improvement.


You must be wondering “how will a meditation sleeping and relaxation app help productivity?”
Well if you know me I am a big ball of anxiety and so productivity for me definitely goes hand in hand with mental health and maintaining a healthy relationship with work.

I achieve this balance by meditating this app takes a quiz to personalize your recommendations and I ABSOLUTELY adore it.
Although I am still relatively new to meditation I have already started to notice a difference

HINT: a great alternative for this app is insight timer on android.


Your life is a reflection of the habits that you create, it is the building block for success.
But many people fail to inculcate it in the proper manner.
Do you guys remember how in 2016, legit everyone was obsessed with maintaining Snapchat streaks? (won’t lie I still maintain streaks) so consider habit tracking as streaks- but for habits.

You can see I haven’t included a specific app because almost any app does the deal
But since I have an android phone (I can sense all the judgy stares from iPhone users. jk)
I like to use Repeat habit tracker for ios users you can give Productive -Habit tracker a try.
The pro version is kind of pricey though :( so you can go for any basic habit tracker app.


Okay, hear me out before you say “what kind of voodoo is this !!!”.

I like to use my vision board app mainly to keep me motivated. Whenever I am in a slump or having a bad day I like to look at my goals and remind myself of the bigger picture. Having a visual display of your goals builds an emotional connection with them and makes it more achievable.

Also in the process of making vision boards, you also figure out what you want to achieve in the future.
My favorite app (for Android) is vision board - manifest dreams by visualization

The apps mentioned above are something I use on a daily basis and they have helped me a lot! If you liked this article and would like to receive bonus content and notification whenever I upload a new blog post, make sure you follow me on Instagram!!!