10 perfect ways to practice self-care

After 20 long years of being crushed by a broken education system, I found the courage to pursue something that I have wanted to do for years and that is blogging.
But the thing is when you love something soo much you also fear losing it at the same time. And the last few days, I have been crippled with destructive thoughts about failure, and this time the blow is going to be harder because my website is more than just a project it is legit my dream and something I am genuinely passionate about.
Now that is the price you pay for following the dream while it ignites a fire in you, you are also scared that unfortunate events will extinguish it and here you are, left with nothing but emptiness in you.

I was having breakfast this morning while scrolling through my phone, and this writer posted her insights on Instagram, aka the saves, the reach, the shares, and boy ! that triggered me so much, and put me in this toxic cycle of self-pity and hatred.
So instead of questioning myself and scrolling through dark memes, I decided why not give myself a self-care day.
Maybe now my acne will vanish, hahaha jokes, not until I stop ordering pizza each night :)

I have also included some of my favorite tips which I swear !! boost my mood and help me wind down soo much.

I tried to skip the usual, take a bath, apply a face mask, sell organs to buy eye cream (YK I am joking) route and decided to share my 10 perfect self-care techniques that actually have an impact.
And Keep reading till the end to find out, a shocking lesson I learned about self-care.

  1. Start your day with lemon water
    Now, this is something I do on a daily basis anyway, it makes me feel refreshed and energized, also it is very helpful in keeping my metabolism going.
    Lemon is widely known for its anti-inflammatory properties, you can also substitute this with either coffee, tea or even smoothies, anything that wakes you up for the day. And if by any chance you start your self-care routine in the evening, I would highly suggest starting your routine by your favorite drink(tequila, vodka, whiskey anything works )
    NO. jk.
    any beverage that brings your comfort and is delicious, personally I am a desi gurlllll and like my chai,(it really is my savior)
    Oh, wait!! Maybe you can try making chai this time if you haven't tried it before.

  2. Spend time outdoors.
    Unfortunately, I am trapped indoors due to quarantine and the closest thing that I have to outdoors is my rooftop, so I usually like to go, to my rooftop and walk around while listening to music.
    I am sure my neighbors have seen me twerk.
    But if you do have a backyard, or are reading this in 2025 when coronavirus is no longer a thing maybe you can take a walk or even exercise a little (I know you potatoes won't do it , but I still love you all )

  3. Make a home-cooked meal.
    Cooking might seem like a task, daunting to some, fun to others but there is something about seeing all your hard work plated nicely, with bursts of flavor and spice, which makes all the effort worth it, especially on bad days when you feel like you are not good enough, cooking will make you realize that you learn slowly and it may take time, but the end product is tasty and delicious.

  4. Thank someone.
    On the days, you cannot love yourself make sure that you pour the love into someone who you really care about, I usually like to write my feelings down so I send messages to friends and family about how much they actually mean to me and how grateful I am to have them.

  5. Take silly Buzzfeed quizzes.
    I mean you most probably already feel like a potato, who cares if the quiz calls you a pumpkin

  6. .Wake up early and enjoy a slower morning
    Honestly, waking up early just to have a slower morning is soo worth it, there is something about, just relaxing and not giving in to the chaos and stress that has a grip on us

  7. Write down 3 kind things about yourself
    We have a way of being overcritical and beat ourselves over the slightest flaw and mistake almost as if we strive towards being perfect and robot-like, suppressing the very feelings that make us human, the world is a cruel place, so the least we can do is be gentle to ourselves. So make a list of all the things that make you, YOU.
    And be proud of who you are, no matter what anyone says, everyone has that one thing that gives them an edge over others so find that and own it.

  8. Meditate
    Meditation is known to relieve stress, reduce anxiety and handle emotional health, I know it sounds weird and takes a while to get the hang of it, but trust me once you get into the habit of meditating, you cannot go back.
    It almost becomes a habit and something you look forward to I would suggest aiming or smaller time durations, like 15 or 20 mins if you have trouble concentrating as I do.
    And keep looking for various meditation music and guides, which can be easily found on youtube.

  9. Social media purge.
    With social distancing, one thing that I did not realize would happen, is that even though I have bad days, I am at peace with myself because I cut the toxic people out of my life. I ended relationships which drained me more than they bought love, I dropped projects that no longer excited me.
    So even though my anxiety eats me away, I no longer let anyone be a reason for my unhappiness, this has given me soo much freedom to handle myself, pay attention to my own issues when I am not being drowned by toxic people who only take and never reciprocate Cut ties with people who bring you down

  10. Watch your favorite sitcom/Netflix show
    There is nothing better than feeding into your Netflix addiction, I would suggest that you rewatch shows with good memories attached to them, or maybe even sitcoms. Or if you are dark and twisty like me, probably thrillers which keeps you on your toes, wondering who killed who, and hot British detectives solving the murders What else could get you through a bad day?

  11. Push through.
    I included this last step because self-care is all about healing, and if you are not working on the root cause of the pain it makes no sense to just slap facemasks, or listen to favorite songs.
    Since the reason that I was feeling so down was my fear of failing, I decided to just push through and write something for the blog and trust me, this worked more than any other relaxing activity
    Until you don’t address, until you don't allow yourself to feel, emotions will keep getting bottled up and seep out through the cracks of your heart, in the most absurd and painful form .

I guess the most important thing that I learned from this "self-care" day, is to not mask your pain, to not escape from your thoughts, rather fight it, either by talking to someone or writing it down
Finding temporary fixes to permanent problems is not a way to live life.

This day, mainly taught me that self-care really needs no guide, You have to help yourself, and guide yourself out of the dark tunnel that you in, self-care doesn't have to last for 24 hours, or 30 days.
You need to take care of yourself each and every day.

Remember, imperfections are attractive when the owners and happy with them.