Choose the road which sets your soul free

I spent my childhood years, curled up inside the warm blankets reading poems till dawn hiding from my mother who would scold me in the morning as she would see the fatigue in my eyes and the exhaustion from going to school with an education system that produces robots, not dreamers.
How do I tell her that while history taught me about genocides, Shakespeare taught me that “ hell is empty and all the devils are here”, and when she sat down teaching me metaphors and alliterations, all I learnt from “the road not taken”is that the path we choose in life decides our future and our destination.
So we must be wise, because a wrong choice has a great impact, and once we make a decision we can never go back.
While Robert Frost talks about the choices he had in his past and contemplating the alternatives, he also tells us that when we have a diversion we can only choose one path. Sometimes life gives you two options, one which brings you safety aka the comfortable shoe and the other which is your passion more like brand new sneakers, and you sit there wondering if you should drop into the comfortable shoe or take the risk get some blisters but wear what you actually admire.
So sometimes life gives you a diversion, it makes you choose between what is tried and tested and a road not taken by many.

Society is a weird place, they tell you to be yourself as long as it is the right way, they bully you for who you are and then wonder why you frown.
They preach love, but only with the one they choose. You are allowed to have an opinion but only if they match their views. So many people walk this earth with a purpose in their eyes, but deep down they know what they are living is a lie,
The alarm goes off at 6 am like every day, they walk to the job they hate because they need the pay. They crash their dreams, burn their passions, just to have a certainty of how things could be. So when you follow the herd, you are shielded by people you, maybe you are even accepted into society because you are “one of their kind”. But With a life like this, you never truly live, you just exist. And one day you are buried underground and life still goes on, without your sound.
But how long will you chain the dragon? when it wants to be free.
How can you bind yourself to four walls and a computer screen when the mountains teach you to stand tall and proud. When you swim across the rivers, their currents swift and fast, they wash you of your sins and the pain from your past. When you walk across forests you see birds of various colors, who preach that what you love will always be like a butterfly, Hard to catch and quick to fly. And at last, the vastness of the sea makes you humble And the eagles soaring above sets you free
So when Robert frost was once given a choice, he decided to choose the road with grass. because it meant not many people have walked the same path.
After all like he writes
“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I
I took the one less traveled by
And that has made all the difference.”
So when you are given a choice to choose between what you are supposed to do and what you want to do
Remember that you have a universe inside and an untamed ocean with constantly changing tides
Maybe you do not have to take the road not taken, but the one that sets your soul on fire and sets you free