1. Call an old friend
    Its never too late to catch up!

  2. Make a vision board
    Vision boards are the perfect reminder of your dreams and gives you the motivation to work towards your goals. You can print or cut up pictures from magazines, stick them on a piece of cardboard and frame them on your wall. Vision boards are also a very crucial aspect of the process of “law of attraction”.

  3. Concentrate on your mental health
    Social distancing does only have to mean, standing 6 feet away, it is also the perfect opportunity to distance yourself from people who are toxic and do more harm than good to your mental health. Invest your time in improving yourself and achieving a healthy headspace.

  4. Set up an at-home movie set up.
    Just because we cannot go to cinema halls doesn’t mean we stop having a good time. Build a cozy corner with cushions, mattress, and some fairy lights, to form a mini-movie theater, extra points if you have a projector and the best part about the at-home set up, is that you can be in your pajamas, bundle up in blankets while watching your favorite movies.

  5. Learn a new dance routine
    One of the things that I and my friends love doing is challenging each other to the most complex and intriguing dance routines, this takes up hours and keeps us busy The end product? We just laugh at our ridiculous dancing skills Ps. I swear we all look like chickens dancing.

  6. Download an audiobook
    Not everyone is a reader or has the patience to read, audible has a free one month trial, where you can download your favorite books and listen to it while doing random chores or running errands.

  7. Make a custom scrapbook
    Collect old pictures,memories and make your friends a scrapbook, a reminder of all the good times that you have spent together. Your best friends have helped you through thick and thin. It's time you give those potatoes a token of your love.

  8. Write cute messages to your significant others
    With most of us practically forced to do a long-distance relationship, writing your significant other a cute message on how much you love and appreciate them, will make them feel closer to you even though you are far away. Think about the cute smile that it will bring to their face.

  9. Create a dating profile
    To all the single seals out there, I know the previous idea must have hurt your soul, But hey! Just because you are single doesn’t mean you can't have fun.Set up a dating profile, maybe you will finally find “the one” during the quarantine. Won’t that be an amazing love story?

  10. Binge-watch shows together
    Select a show for you and your friends or family to watch together, so you can fangirl on hot steamy actors together.

  11. Catch up on celebrity gossips or better school gossips
    There is nothing better than gossiping with your girlfriends and if you are a guy Admit it! Guys also gossip.

  12. Catch up with current affairs
    With the chaos going on in the world, this crisis has surely exposed the faulty management strategies of many countries. Catch up with news and global affairs, you will gain a new perspective on politics and people.

  13. Make your own theories for conspiracy theories
    After you, binge-watch all of Shane’s conspiracy theory videos, spend some time researching on the same topic, and maybe you come up with a completely different theory? It is fun and thrilling at the same time and trust me you will start doubting everything.

  14. Clean up your digital space
    Clean up your phones and computer memory spaces, digital junk is not really visible to the eye, but it has a great impact on the implementation of our tasks

  15. Organize organize.
    Organize your cupboards, your drawers, your bookshelves to achieve a cleaner working space. I prefer using google calendar or organize and schedule my tasks

  16. Cook your favorite dishes

  17. Apologize
    Everyone hurts someone or the other, this is the perfect time to apologize for your past mistakes and rebuild some bonds

  18. Catch up with your grandparents
    Facetime or call your grandparents, if you are bored and feel alone at home, chances are they are missing some company too.

  19. Start gardening
    Start by planting small easy to maintain plants, you can look up tutorials and videos to learn about more gardening techniques.

  20. Enhance a skill
    Each one of us is blessed with skill, but most of the time, we fail to nurture it. With tons of downtime at hand, brush up on some old skills and talents.

  21. Do online courses apart from your classes
    There is soo much more to the world other than textbooks, quizzes, and assignments, enroll in online courses other than your academic curriculum and devote some time learning about topics you have interest in

  22. Natural face and hair masks
    Pinterest, youtube is flooded with DIY at home face and hair mask ideas, and honestly, this is the perfect time to find out what works the best for your skin and hair type. Give your body a break from the chemicals and artificial components

  23. Make a bullet journal
    Bullet journals are the perfect channel, to relax, release creative energy, and stay organized at the same time. There are plenty of youtube videos and tutorials explaining and demonstrating new design patterns to help you get started with the art of journaling.

  24. Discover new songs
    We all tend to have our favorite songs lined up in a playlist, or tend to stick to a specific genre, but you spend time exploring new artists and different genres. You can also ask your friends for their favorite songs.

  25. Binge-watch
    I know you are already doing this ;)

  26. Research on new topics
    I like to spend my time researching marketing and advertising strategy because knowledge is not a pool rather an ocean.

  27. Pull pranks
    Now I am not saying, to perform full-on stunts on someone but hey, substituting biscuit cream for toothpaste won’t hurt right? Stay safe :)

  28. Look up freelancing jobs
    There are many websites like freelancer(for freelancing projects ) and Internshala (work at home internships). They look for video editors, content writers, data entry specialists. This is a good way to earn some money and experience as well.

  29. Make memes on your friends
    Trust me I need my daily dosage of memes more than I need my vitamins, and I won’t lie I am the meme suppliers of the group, sometimes it gets nasty tho.

  30. Complete fitness challenges
    Normal workout routines are soo depressing that they make me want to have an extra gallon of ice cream, but there is something about challenges that compel me to complete them.

  31. Perfect your morning cup of coffee or chai
    We all miss our favorite coffee shops and chai tapris, and since we cannot really go out, the best we can do is perfect our morning cup of goodness

  32. Clean your shoes and purses
    Those favorite white sneakers and the sling purse with receipts of failed dates and impulse purchases need to be cleaned out.They belong in the dustbin. Just like your ex :)

  33. Have a dance party
    Play your favorite party songs, personally, speaking mine is “main Sharabi” or rinkiya ke papa. But if you are a little bit more sophisticated than me, you probably have some DJ in mind. I am no good at this, I like to dance to” sheila ki jawani”

  34. Steal coloring books and color
    Steal you childs or brothers or neighbors coloring book, I know it sounds ridiculous, but remember to color between the lines

  35. Clean your childhood toys
    Personally, I like to give my barbies a bath.

  36. Look at old family photos or play home videos
    And then you can spend the rest four hours contemplating, where it went all wrong and why you don’t smile anymore,

  37. Have a roast session with your sibling

  38. Learn to sow and design

  39. Read about astrology and tarot cards.
    You do not have to believe that astrology will solve your problems, but its fun to learn how just the alignment of the planets dictates someone’s behavior

  40. Write a stand-up comedy script
    I mean all that trauma, taught you some dark humor didn’t it?